More Israelis Die From Peanut Allergies Than Hamas Rockets

More Israelis die from peanut allergies than Hamas rockets. These adverts used in the USA and around the world use computer generated animation (CGI) to create false images that Israel uses in its never ending propaganda (hasbara) war.

It has never been anti-semitic to question the political policies of any sovereign government. So when we question the policies of Israel and more directly the illegal FUNDING of Israel through insidious western products and Freebie financial handouts from foreign Governments, why are we hit with the “anti-semitic” tag?

Given that most Israelis are atheists and Israel now has more gay bars and brothels than synagogues, I sadly fail to see how Israel has the gall to reference it as the “holy land”.

Stop Funding Israel!

For more information, on what YOU buy may be used to finance Israel’s murderous and oppressive activities, please visit the stop funding israel website.



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5 responses to “More Israelis Die From Peanut Allergies Than Hamas Rockets

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  3. Why isn’t anybody posting?

    Because the article is dumb 🙂

    Around 4-5% of every nationality is gay.

    Israel allows them free expression whereas Muslim countries hang them tin the main square.

    The writer doesn’t know the difference between an atheist and an agnostic.

    The land is holy and not the people.

    And what about the Muslims in Israel that make up around a quarter of the population?

    • Akh The Angry Academic Activist

      Typical zionist comment.

      Hijack and subvert the discussion from its true point.

      More Israeli’s die from peanut allergies then from Hamas’s fireworks.

      Address that point.

    • Ariel Sharon

      Which is why the Jewish peoples enjoyed their “Golden Age” under Muslim rule.

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