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The idiocy of militant secularists & atheists

“It’s such a shame athiests will never know true love #atheists” – and with this simple tweet I opened the floodgates to my little experiment on Sunday, what happened next was idiocy and buffoonery by the militant secularist and atheists on the twittersphere.

After watching & dropping a few tweets on sunday morning (as one has become accustomed to doing while watching the BBC’s Big Questions) to the question should Britain become a secular state? I was not wholly surprised by the marginalisation of religion (Islam) and immigration (Romanians are the new Paki’s) as the major bug bear for the panel and the audience, token muslim representation withstanding.

Like Nicky Campbell always says, join in the discussion, so I did:


Within minutes I was inundated with these types of messages:


I figured, for the last three Sundays, I had tuned into the Big Questions and it was always the same, an underlying whiff of acceptable criticism of Islam, hidden by a veneer of academia or professional positioning.

Yeah it pissed me off no end, and it should piss you off too.

So I thought, I’d try a little social experiment, and where better than a platform of social media, over the course of a couple of hours on sunday afternoon, I tweeted the following:


I know what you’re thinking.

Why did I do it? Am I a troll? Why do I want to annoy people?

Because annoying people is funny. Why is it funny?

Maybe because I find life and the people in it so fucking irritating at times.

So to turn the tables now and then by being an absolute pain in the arse, to jedi mind trick them into thinking they’re getting one over me, but instead they’re revealing their true nature, idiocy.

So here’s a selection of tweets that came back – note even the “popular historian” Tom Holland (the one who makes up Islamic history with the help of Israeli’s) fell for it.





As the hatred, bile and anger of these militant extremists grew, I laughed.

I found I actually enjoyed trolling atheists.

You must have noticed the deliberate misspelling of “atheists” – what pedant could possibly resist that bait?

Not many, and I must have had a dozen catches almost straight away.

You know the type.

Militant Wankers

The type that have “#atheist” in their bio, like anybody gives a fuck.

The type that searches for #atheist on Twitter.

And I argued with a handful of them simultaneously for close to an hour, giggling like a schoolboy as I typed:

“Your going too hell!”

They didn’t know whether to go after the religious debate or the grammar.

It was hilarious.

A collection of atheists despairing for humanity!

It’s a great way to redress the balance when you’ve been wronged; to put things right so that you can get to sleep without grinding your teeth in anger.

And there you have it – do as I did, troll an atheist or secularist or humanist or culturlist or whatever the fuck they’re labelling themselves as today – it might be the most fun you have while pissing someone off and the beauty is that you can’t blame yourself, if these individuals own self righteously obtained moral high ground and indignation wasn’t so screwed up they wouldn’t bother you?


“To you be your religion, and to me my religion”
“Lakum dinukum waliya deen”

Quran Surah al-Kafirun (109/6)


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Israel, The Gerald Scarfe Cartoon & “Anti-Semitism”

Gerald Scarfe Cartoon Israel sundaytimes 27 01 13

I’m sure if the cartoon by Gerald Scarfe was of the Prophet Muhammed PBUH there would be no apology, instead we’d be reminded that Britain has fine, upstanding traditions of freedom of speech and expression, and nothing is sacred enough to be above satire & Muslims should grow a thicker skin or go back to wherever they came from.

That’s the standard “intellectual” media response.

This comes off the back of Bradford East MP’s David Wards comments that got him into big trouble with the zionist lobby.

Of course, the cartoon and the MP’s statements barely scratch the surface of the actions of Israel.

After all, this is a state that forcibly sterilizes Jewish Ethiopian women before letting them into Israel.

Nazi Germany’s Eugenics programme lives on in Israel today.


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Press TV & Britain’s War on Free Speech

Perfidious Albion, Our government is happy to go to war all over the world in the name of freedom, liberty and democracy. Our government will extol the virtues of freedom of expression and speech, but not in the case of Press TV, where it has prevailed upon it’s poodle the so called independent media watchdog OFCOM to remove Press TV off the Sky broadcasting platform.

The hypocrisy could not be more obvious.

After all, you can have a plethora of sex channels on British television, you can even have a gay sex channel on British television and that’s no problem for David Cameron’s media regulator, OFCOM.

You can be Rupert Murdoch at the head of a media corporation which stands accused of rampaging through practically every law in the book and yet you are deemed to be a fit and proper person to operate a television station in London.

The official reason behind the decision made by Ed Richard, the current Controller of Corporate Strategy at the BBC and the head of Britain’s Office of Communications (Ofcom), was that Press TV’s editorial team was based in Tehran.

Perhaps Mr. Richard should be reminded that CNN are head quartered in the USA.

What this decision says is that you can’t be a news channel that looks at the news from a different perspective to the grim prevailing orthodoxy of Washington and London.

It’s fair to say that Press TV has been a thorn in the side of Britain’s right-wing and pro-Israeli groups who have worked rigorously to limit its operations inside Britain.

Some political analysts have pointed squarely at the collusion between the zionist media lobby group, Britain Israel Communications & Research Centre (Bicom) & their influence over the (state-controlled) Ofcom to ban the alternative English-language channel Press TV in the UK.

Should we be really surprised?

The WikiLeak cables showed that the US state department wanted Press TV off Britain’s air waves prior to February 2010.

Our very own Foreign Office told US embassy officials who deal with Iran in February 2011 that it was “exploring ways to limit the operations of Press TV which operates a large bureau (over 80 staff) in London”.

So our Government has bent over and serviced the Americans yet again, care to remind me who actually runs this country?

Do we have any sovereignty left or are we the junior partner that merrily shoe shines for his American master.

With the pressure of hostilities being ramped up against Iran on a daily basis, I am of the view that banning Press TV is simply a ploy to silence any dissenting opinion against the manufacturing of war consent. If you deny Iran the ability of expressing really what is happening in it’s country and the motives behind the forces who are preparing to attack it, then you kill any opposing opinion to the pro war hawks.

Press TV may not be available on the Sky platform, but it’s still broadcasting into the UK. You can still view Press TV live on the internet, via a downloadable app on your smart phones or by any of the methods outlined on Press TV’s website.

They say truth is the first casualty of war.

It’s up to us to ensure that the lies told in the build up to the illegal invasion of Iraq are not allowed to be repeated again.


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Lady Gaga’s latest album banned for being “offensive to Christianity.”

Lady Gaga’s latest album Born This Way has been banned in Lebanon for being “offensive to Christianity.”

Religious groups across the U.S. have already condemned Lady Gaga’s single “Judas” for its offensive lyrics and the use of religious imagery in the music video.

When Muslims complained about Cartoons or any other forms of vile criticisms that mock Islam, we’re told that to be part of a fully functioning “Western Liberal Democracy” we have to accept this as a “Freedom of Speech” issue.

Funny how you cry foul when you’re on the receiving end, don’t like it now do you?

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White Christians get uppity over picture in France

What’s going on France these days, besides making sure that women only wear French-approved clothing?

Christians are on the rampage after an art exhibit dubbed “Immersion” offended white people’s sensibilities.

Proudly secular countries will always declare that nothing is sacred, and even religion can be made fun of, after all thats where freedom of speech and expression come into it. So when Muslims protested against the cartoons of the Prophet SAW we were told it was a freedom of speech issue, yet uppity Christians can attack with hammers and destroy the picture under the guise of an “anti-blasphemy” campaign by French Catholic fundamentalists in the southern city of Avignon.

This particular vandalism took place a day after a large protest supported by the far-right political party Front National and Civitas, “a lobby group that says it aims to re-Christianize France,” and in the larger context of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s increasingly right-wing (and anti-Muslim) rhetoric.

But, who knows, maybe the French were just mad that one of their paintings got vandalised and felt the need to retaliate?

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PJ Crowley Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs SACKED for Criticising US Foreign Policy

Warning: telling the truth in the land of free speech can cost you your job, career & pension.

Don’t believe me?

Ask former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs P.J. Crowley who was sacked from his position for having the brazen audacity to publicly criticise the U.S. Defence Department’s treatment of alleged WikiLeaks accomplice Pfc. Bradley Manning and was obliged to step down Sunday as a result.

On March 10, the news surfaced about Crowley’s comments, which he had made, seemingly spontaneously, during a talk sponsored by the Center for Future Civic Media at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. According to Philippa Thomas, a BBC reporter present when Crowley spoke, a member of the small audience brought up “the elephant in the room”: WikiLeaks. More specifically, the questioner wanted to know Crowley’s thoughts about the U.S. “torturing a prisoner in a military brig.”

According to Thomas, Crowley didn’t hesitate before slamming the DoD’s mistreatment of Manning as “ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid.” It must be noted that Crowley followed up that statement with the kind of language that has unfortunately come to characterize the Obama administration’s take on Manning: “Nonetheless Bradley Manning is in the right place,” he said, stating that secrets are sometimes necessary in the diplomatic arena.

Still, when Thomas explicitly asked whether his comments were on the record, Crowley said yes. Whether he sensed that this would result in his exit from the State Department is unclear, but it didn’t take long for him to choose his words carefully for another public statement—this time announcing his resignation. And thus began the mediated debate over his words and their consequences.

Of the many sad chapters in the story of the misguided U.S. response to the WikiLeaks controversy, and of the mistreatment of Pvt. Manning, this is one of the saddest, as it so clearly exposes the extent to which the president has chosen to place himself on the wrong side of history.

Land of the free…..home of the brave

Are people still stupid enough to believe that shit?

Courtesy of Truth Dig

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Helen Thomas: “Say One Word About Israel & You’re Anti Semitic!”

“You touch Israel and you are finished.”

No freedom of speech when the racist apartheid state of Israel is concerned, as veteran White House corps and journalist of over 70 years Helen Thomas found out when she criticised Israel.

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