“He’s bad because he’s black and moozlim” Israeli’s On Obama

israeli obama hatred

As Obama, prepares to meet Netanyahu and Abbas for a fresh round of peace talks, a recent poll in the Jerusalem Post suggests that just four per cent of Israelis believe the Obama administration supports their country.

JPost Sep 2009

Watch the following report by Al-Jazeera where israeli’s yet again show their true hatred, with some even calling for Obama’s assassination.

There have been a few videos that have shown the true face of the israeli’s in recent time (remember – feeling the hate?) which goes to show that a country founded on racism is only going to produce people with a racist outlook.

Zionism is a racist ideology.

And yet the ‘West’ continues its unashamed support of the zionist state and continues to propagate the myth that we in the ‘west’ some how hold the same values and ideals that the morally corrupt and racist zionist state does.


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One response to ““He’s bad because he’s black and moozlim” Israeli’s On Obama

  1. Claire

    The israelis hate obama because he is black?

    I wouldn’t have beleived you if I hadn’t read this.

    more people need to know about this.


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