Creating the Terror Threat: London Olympic terror exercises carried out – with help of the Mossad

A set of “exercises” have been launched to see if the London Olympics are ready for any would be terror attacks, with Israel’s Mossad helping out.

The UK’s entire defence establishment, including the emergency services, participated in the massive drill, which was held secretly by the British Defense Ministry. But British intelligence officials were not satisfied, and invited their Mossad counterparts to share their experience.

A source at the British Olympic Association said that “certain Israeli elements are advising us on securing the Olympic games.”

So you have Mossad knowing the key operational details of the security apparatus of the London Olympics, after all, if you know how the operation runs, you also know how to get around it.

That doesn’t make me feel any more secure, and I have tickets for the Olympics.

Reminds me of the simulated terror drills with a “scenario of simultaneous attacks on a underground and mainline station” on the morning of 7/7, as the video above shows.

What are the odds of an exercise happening with that scenario and the exact events playing out in real life at the same time?

Is The Akh suggesting that the mossad would infiltrate the security apparatus of the London Olympics to carry out a false flag operation?


They would never do that.



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2 responses to “Creating the Terror Threat: London Olympic terror exercises carried out – with help of the Mossad

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  2. I was born and bred in London, I remember the police profile of long ago, sort of benign and friend of the common man, today the police having became this paranoid and threatening Institutional species, the visibility of gun carriers and suspicious presence and now anti missile defense systems protecting the games are all part of this projection.
    As the police play there game of the bogey man is out to get you, and if you are on the inside of the game, you will not get it, as opposed to when you are outside this scenario, the police fear propaganda promotion exercise, becomes increasingly difficult to identify with what appears as the infantile fantasy’s of adult men apparently seem so serious in the application of a internalization paranoid schizophrenia institutional disorder, almost as if they have been programmed by a organization that has infiltrated the minds of those who have a public duty of care concerning the public but have gone over board in terms of discretion and vision of creditability, it would be discreet if the police reassessed their public role, as a alternative to increasing their overbearing authoritarian image.

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