America celebrate Independence Day as Britain unveil Ronald Reagan statue

America celebrates its 235 years as an independent country today, 235 years since they fought a bloody war against their British masters to ensure they were no longer just a colony but an autonomous self determinant state.

The irony of course is since their inception they have waged war and occupied vast swathes of the world, without thinking twice that perhaps the countries that fight back against the yankee’s do so for the same reasons the americans fought the british – to live free from a foreign power dictating terms to them.

America’s export of its bankrupt culture has led to it’s former master – now minion – Great Britain putting up a statue of the devil himself, Ronald Wilson Reagan. The media have of course been giving him the sole credit for ending the cold war, no mention of an archaic USSR crumbling in on top of itself.

Reagan had alzheimer’s while in office which allowed him to be manipulated by the “sleeper cell neo-cons” of Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld.

Decades later the very same triumvirate with Dick Cheney added, would control the other Manchurian Candidate that was supposedly running the show – the blundering buffoon that was known as George “Dubya” Bush.

While everyone is forthcoming with gushing praise of the devil, The Akh remembers him as the father of Crack and as a supporter of Apartheid.

As a man who launched the “war on drugs”….let me know how that one worked out?

And for launching acts of war in Lebanon, Grenada, Libya, El Salvador, Nicaragua, while using the Afghans to fight the Russians and getting Iraq’s american agent, Saddam Hussein to go to war with Iran.

Quite a list of achievements.

Jesus was Black, Ronald Reagan was the Devil & the Government is Lying About 9/11

God bless America….and damn the rest of the world.


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One response to “America celebrate Independence Day as Britain unveil Ronald Reagan statue

  1. Mark Jay

    Yes Reagan was a puppet like all puppet presidents of the Evil Global Financial Elite. Except maybe JFK he got assassinated because he wasn’t following orders from the Global Elite. So they publicly bumped him off. Reagan did get a few bullets heading his way by the Global Elite because he wouldn’t have their man George H Bush as vice president initially. The Bush family are much much closer to the Global Elite than a former Hollywood actor. Reagan is Evil like all US Presidents and British Prime Ministers. But don’t delude yourselves thinking Reagan was running the show. If you do your research you will find that man who was really ruling America on behalf of the Global Elite was Vice President George H. Bush! Is it coincidence that he became President in 1988? The Father of Crack is actually much much higher up in the power structure than Ronald Reagan! Reagan was just a puppet. A puppet who played his part well like a well seasoned Hollywood actor. He certainly looked good on television in the 1980s. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like. However its not a conspiracy theory to me when you do the math and it adds up to the same answer. Leaders are not elected they are selected by the Global Elite. If you want to understand how this world is really run and its the way it is, you got to understand the true political power structure of the world. Here is a clue the buck doesn’t stop at our elected Presidents and Prime Ministers!

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