Liam Fox & Adam Werritty, but no mention of Luke Coffey, CIA agent with access all areas pass at the MOD

The big story is of Liam Fox & his special relationship with Adam Werritty, homo-honeytraps aside, the real story here is of another one of Fox’s special advisors Luke Coffey that is going unreported.

Liam “I’m not a homo” Fox hired an American, Luke Coffey to work in the Defence Department as a special advisor.

On 6 June 2010, The Sunday Times reported that Liam Fox, the UK Defence Minister lets a US ‘mole’ roam the Ministry of Defence

According to the Sunday Times in June 2010:

UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox hired Luke Coffey as a special adviser.

Luke Coffey runs the London branch of an American think tank called CENSA (Council for Emerging National Security Affairs).

At least a quarter of the members listed on its website have been in the CIA or other American intelligence agencies. They include Matthew Thompson, a former CIA analyst in the Directorate of Intelligence; Jeff Benson, who worked in the US Office of Naval Intelligence; Sean Bielat, who serves in the United States Marine Corps Reserve as an intelligence watch officer; and Paul Crespo, who served as a defence and naval attaché at American embassies in the Balkans, the Gulf and Latin America. Coffey was encouraged to establish a London chapter by one of his former army commanders.

Luke Coffey has been issued with a pass giving him access to all areas of the Ministry of Defence.

Liam Fox now wants the UK to buy American, rather than British made military equipment.

Adam Werritty is a director of a company called Security Futures and has been seen setting up deals where the real Weapons of Mass Destruction (British made military exports) can be sold – Sri Lanka, Libya and the Gulf States who are so scared of a revolution they have bought in crypto soldier of jesus, Eric Prince and his Blackwater/Xe mercenaries to protect the scumbag shakes (misspelt deliberately).

Former UK armed forces minister Kevan Jones has told the Guardian that Fox’s unrecorded meetings with Adam Werritty could pose “a threat to national security”.

So Liam “The lady doth protest too much” Fox has a thing for hiring young men (as special advisers) who have their own financial interests and those of the American military before any loyalty to Britain.

What was that about THE special relationship again?

The Military Industrial Complex runs shit….ask Dr. Fox


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5 responses to “Liam Fox & Adam Werritty, but no mention of Luke Coffey, CIA agent with access all areas pass at the MOD

  1. Great research this story really has legs…

  2. paul

    Blatent sausage jockey !

  3. D

    I think it is outrageous that people accuse Liam Fox of being homosexual just because he occasionally puts his penis into a man’s anus. This is quite a common, and well documented, leap frog accident.

    As for the rest, some of our politicians are corrupt, many are too stupid to understand bills put before them, and others are in the pay of other nations.

  4. If you want to find the real radical true believers, the real plotters of government takeovers, the real bomb setting terrorists, the real haters of our freedom, the real killers of countless innocent people, then you’ll need to look away from all of the usual places. It’s not the Muslims. It’s not the Christians. It’s not the Jews. It’s not any organized religion that you’re aware of, yet it is the most powerful religion in the world.

    It is the religion of Doing Business.

  5. Akh The Angry Academic Activist

    Thanks for your responses.

    As you can see from the front page of yesterdays independent and the fact that even the daily mail are asking about the israeli influence within the cabinet, that this is a story that has the potential to really embarrass the government.

    Of course those of us who have stating the influence of the zionist lobby across the political platform were lambasted as conspiracy theory loons or hit out of the park with the anti semitic bat.

    The truth is slowly coming to the fore, let’s see how they spin their way of it in Downing St & Tel Aviv.

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